The Launch with Dawn Butler MP

Developed & Managed by Young People for Young people


The league is aimed at single teams looking for a new challenge. The ethos of the League is always development before results and the main aim is to give a season’s worth of top quality competitive matches to every team participating.


Hyde League


The London Youth Premier League is an innovative project with young people at the heart of it’s development. The league aims to develop life skills through competitive sport. The league will provide young people with opportunities to participate, learning, mentor, qualifications and employment.




The following roles will be available to young people:

  • Team players
  • Assistant Managers and Coaches
  • Referees
  • Media – commentary, sports journalism


  • Team players
    1. Young people will have opportunities to participate in competitive football matches
  • Assistant managers/coaches
    1. Young people will be offered opportunities to attend level 1 & 2 coaching qualifications, following successful completion of the coaching course; they will have an opportunity to work with one of the qualified and experienced team managers
  • Referees
    1. Young people will be offered opportunities to attend referees courses and gain qualifications. The league will offer them paid work to officiate weekly league games.
  • Media
  1. The league will use new modern media to engage and communicate with participates and supports> Social Media reports will be managed by young people. Workshops around sports journalism will be on offer with direct mentoring experience from experienced and famous sports media personalities


We have high minimum standards in terms of coaching qualifications and all coaches must qualified

Our matches are played on a Sundays and fortnightly. Our match days are different to traditional leagues too, the players and coaching staff enjoy hospitality post match so increasing the social aspect to a player’s development. All of our matches are played over 4 periods (as they are in professional academy matches). This allows for more coaching input to the game at appropriate times and also allows coaches to better manage their rotation of players as it is the  league requirement that all players have 50% match time. With the coaching impetus stressed within the breaks in the game this allows the boys to express themselves and make decisions for themselves too. The league matches are played to a high standard, both in terms of the quality of competition and in our full commitment to adhere to the FA’s RESPECT campaign. We are constantly developing to ensure that all games are played in a great learning environment for the players to develop